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Watch out world!!! Push Up Cupcakes is coming big!

Wow, where has a year gone? I started this blog almost a year ago and lost touch with it due to my everyday life! That being said, watch out world because I am going BIG this year with Push Up Cupcakes and my Bliss Cakery!! What I have been doing since the last post? Perfecting my skills and recipes!

I want to thank Hoda and Kathie Lee for featuring another brand of push up cupcakes that has created some new buzz for my site! It is amazing when a product hits TV what can happen!

I am making time this weekend to create a new project for spring! I had some great suggestions on my facebook page (facebook.com/pushupcupcakes) and I think a dirt cake push up is the next in line! Might be a little messy but it certainly has my favorite things in it!

Spring Fling Cupcakes

My spring colored push up cupcakes



Push Up Cupcakes: Bright Colors and Buttercream Flowers

In honor of Mother’s Day, Weddings, and Spring I decided to play with some spring colors and buttercream flowers. I wanted to attempt to make cake in the donut pan again. I am trying to perfect the amount of batter you put in that thing!! I put the batter in a ziploc bag and cut off the corner. I made two passes around the form and that seemed to work out ok. I did it with just one pass and they were flat like a pancake!! Learn from my mistake and don’t waste a pan of 12!

Here is how the first ones turned out…

An upside down view out of the pan…

I should mention that I used confetti cake mix and Wilton Rose Gel coloring to make these. Flipping these over make the perfect spot to hide some extra buttercream frosting!!

I also made a pan of mini cupcakes for this project.

And now…the push up cupcakes!! I made a lot of different ones!

Simple and Smooth with a Wilton #12 Tip

I think this one is my favorite!! I used the Wilton 2D tip and flower shaped sprinkles for the centers.

Confetti Cake and Wilton Rose Gel Food Coloring

I have to say that there is a science to how much “stuff” to put inside. The lids on these get in the way of getting too fancy on top! I squished a few. This one turned out pretty good, though! 2 mini donuts and one mini cupcake seems to be a good combination!!

Thanks for stopping! Have a great weekend everyone!

Did you say Boston Creme Push Up Cupcake?

I did say Boston Creme!! I have been thinking how great it would be to have a push up cupcake that has filling down the whole tube. Well, thanks to Wilton making a mini donut pan, I have made that happen pretty easily! The best news is, the tube fits 3 of the mini donuts, not two like you get with mini cupcakes.

I had never baked with the mini donut pan before. Before taking on the task I read some tips online. To fill the pan neatly, put your batter in a zip lock or pastry bag. Do not attempt to fill with a spoon! It won’t come out right. If you get batter on the middle piece it will cook together and fill up the hole. The other thing is, do not fill up to the top. Only fill half way. I decided to attempt the donut recipe that was on the package. I am not thrilled with how it turned out. It was heavy and not a lot of flavor. I wish I would have just used regular cake batter. Oh well, just gives me an excuse to make them again!!

I used instant vanilla pudding with an extra tablespoon of vanilla and 1 1/4 cup milk (per Sandra Lee’s Boston Creme cupcake recipe). I also used her chocolate ganache recipe which was half heavy cream, half chocolate chips. See recipes here:


After baking cakes and letting cool, dip in the ganache and carefully put inside the tube.

I used the long cupcake filler tip on a pastry bag to pipe the filling in the middle of the donut.

Repeat 2 more times and VIOLA! A push up with creme all the way down the center!! Oh the options! I can’t wait to make more!!!!

If you need the Wilton pan, I have it in my Amazon store!
Wilton Nonstick 12-Cavity Mini Donut PanCookware & Baking Pans)

Colorful, Spring Push Up Cupcakes!

With Easter just around the corner, I wanted to make a fun, colorful, push up cupcake that incorporates all of the great colors of spring! I started with a white cake mix (any brand is fine.) I separated out the mix into four equal parts. Using Wilton Gel Colors, I colored the cake batter.

Cake Batter in spring colors

To make the cupcakes, I put two colors in each mini muffin cup. I then used a tooth pick to swirl the colors around a little. Don’t mix to much or you will end up with a new color! I tried a variety of color combos. I baked them in the oven for 13 minutes. (First time around, I baked for 15 and that was much too long!) I would also recommend using a non stick pan and do not spray it with no stick spray. It changes the color of the finished cake.

My colored cupcakes!

The hard part is done! Now, time for the decorating fun! I mixed up yellow and pink butter cream frosting. I used two different color cupcakes inside the push tube. After putting the first cupcake down, I added some frosting and sprinkles. I then picked a second color choice, topped with opposite color frosting and one of the Easter shaped Sweet Tarts. I think they turned out pretty cute! What do you think??

Push Up Cupcake for Spring!

Mix and Match Colors

Angel Food Cake and Strawberries Push Up Cupcake

Here in Florida, this is just about the end of strawberry season. I LOVE strawberries! I haven’t seen push up cupcakes with anything more then a little buttercream frosting and cake….so I decided to give it a go and make one of my favorites…angel food cake and strawberries!

One of my favorite chefs to watch is Sandra Lee and my inspiration for these easy push up cupcakes comes from her “semi-homemade” style. I cheated and used a store bought Angel Food cake. Walmart had them for $1.88 so why not! No one has to know!!

The frosting I used was actually marshmallow fluff, confectioners sugar, and butter all rolled up into one. I wanted something light and fluffy to go with the Angel Food cake. This frosting is on the sweet side but it compliments the cake and strawberries well.

I sliced the strawberries thin and started layering with a dab of frosting and a strawberry slice. To cut the Angel Food Cake to size, I sliced off a piece and used and empty pop to cut out the cake. I had to trim a little to make sure it fit neatly but it worked pretty well. I layered the cake with another strawberry slice and frosting, then cake again. On top, more frosting, of course, and two more strawberry slices.

Super easy, the semi-homemade way!!!

The Push Ups have shipped!

All of the Push Ups that were bought from ibakeit on ETSY have shipped! Tons of orders went out this week!! I expect to be hearing from everyone on what kind of tasty creations were made in these things! I have been so busy with orders I haven’t had time to create any for myself!! I think I am going to play tonight…hmmm….what kind should I make?