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Facebook Offer

Please check out Facebook.com/pushupcupcakes to get an amazing offer this week!


Etsy store is open!

Here is the link to purchase. I have an order that will arrive next week. I am selling in 2 dozen increments. http://www.etsy.com/listing/71117387/push-pop-container-cupcake-push-ups-2

Looking for your ideas and pictures!

We know that this is a fairly “new” craze! If you have made push ups for yourself, a party, or just an experiment…Please share! Email me pictures at brande@pushupcupcakes.com and tell me what is inside!

Don’t let my appearance fool you!

Every blog has to start somewhere…mine is in the process of getting beautified! Give me a week or two and you will make me one of your favorites, too! If there is any content you would like to see on here, please contact me asap! I would love to post a gallery of your push up cupcakes!