About me and Push Up Cupcakes!

My name is Brande and I have always loved to bake. Every Christmas my mom would let me invite a friend over and we would bake cookies and decorate them for hours. We would make enough cookies to feed the neighborhood! I guess that is where I got my start. This Christmas I bought myself the holy grail of kitchen appliances…yes, a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. My loving boyfriend bought me a Cuisinart Food Processor, too. Now he says I have more tools in my kitchen then he has in the garage!

Over the past few months I have been making all kinds of creations (and he has been eating them all!). I have not been to any classes, just experimenting with recipes, ingredients, and decorating. So far, so good! I have gotten rave reviews on my creations and had the opportunity to bake cupcakes for friends and family. I have also discovered that I am not good at making cake pops, nor do I believe I have the talent for fondant!

I came across Push Up Cupcakes on the web a few months ago and think they are the most amazing thing! After having a beautiful tray of cupcakes land frosting side down, I figured this would solve that problem! Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about our Florida sun melting the beautifully decorated frosting!

SO…I have decided to make this MY own and build a great blog to share ideas, recipes, and other fun baking tips. I have also ventured into carrying the materials to make push ups and sell them on ETSY. My shop there is IBAKEIT.

I hope you will join me in building this blog to be a huge success!!




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  1. Hi ! I’m living in Switzerland and would like to buy some push-up containers. Is it possible for you to send it via USPS ? I can pay for the extra shipping
    Have a nice day

  2. I just confirmed I can get more next week. Here is my etsy listing. http://www.etsy.com/listing/71117387/push-pop-container-cupcake-push-ups-2
    I am selling in 2 dozen increments at this time.


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