Angel Food Cake and Strawberries Push Up Cupcake

Here in Florida, this is just about the end of strawberry season. I LOVE strawberries! I haven’t seen push up cupcakes with anything more then a little buttercream frosting and cake….so I decided to give it a go and make one of my favorites…angel food cake and strawberries!

One of my favorite chefs to watch is Sandra Lee and my inspiration for these easy push up cupcakes comes from her “semi-homemade” style. I cheated and used a store bought Angel Food cake. Walmart had them for $1.88 so why not! No one has to know!!

The frosting I used was actually marshmallow fluff, confectioners sugar, and butter all rolled up into one. I wanted something light and fluffy to go with the Angel Food cake. This frosting is on the sweet side but it compliments the cake and strawberries well.

I sliced the strawberries thin and started layering with a dab of frosting and a strawberry slice. To cut the Angel Food Cake to size, I sliced off a piece and used and empty pop to cut out the cake. I had to trim a little to make sure it fit neatly but it worked pretty well. I layered the cake with another strawberry slice and frosting, then cake again. On top, more frosting, of course, and two more strawberry slices.

Super easy, the semi-homemade way!!!


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  1. Great recipe. I look forward to your next creation!
    If anyone wants the clear push up pop they are online, 100 for $46.59!!


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